Posted by: andeek | September 22, 2010

Learn to Typeeeee – Sites for Kids

How To Type: Great Online Resources for Kids and Keyboarding Skills

Zia’s grandparents sent her an old laptop computer. She’s thrilled. However, I keep on urging her to email any number of friends or family members and she continues to resist me. Can you blame her? I wouldn’t want to write to people if I had to finger poke my way through the message.

Thus, I’ve done a search for some free online typing tutorials and games. We’ll see if this works!

A quick note – there is some discussion as to whether you should use the standard QWERTY keyboard or the simplified DVORAK keyboard. Many believe that using DVORAK is easier and quicker than QWERTY. Alas, alack. Zia’s laptop has a QWERTY keyboard, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on.


Dance Mat Typing

The BBC always comes through with great, free, online learning games for kids.

Keyboarding Skills by E-Learning for Kids

Once you can get into the lessons, they’re useful. You just need to skip the main intro (the spaceship lands and the kid looks at the alien and names it “Blob”). There’s another introduction that acclimates you to the icon and menu bar. It’s helpful. In the future, though, just hit the icon bar and click, “next” to move into the spaceship. Once you’re in the spaceship, follow the link to “Type E-Chi Workshop (Lessons)” to begin.



This seems better for adults and drills, but there are a few games. Once your child has mastered the placement of keys, come here and click on the “Games” tab.

Learning Games for Kids

There seem to be a number of fun games for the kids. Again, learn the placement of the keys before playing these.

Do you have any other sites or games that helped your child learn to type? List ’em in the comments.



  1. Qwerty is here to stay as it is in the phones, blackberries and computers that are in use. Spped will come with familaiity and practice.

    In school, regular practice is part of the technoiogy classes, and with practice and the great activities you discovered, she will build speed.

    Perhaps, for a while, when she plans a simple letter, she can write it out, and a parent might sit with her while she types to help her find the keys so it is not a hunt and peck experience.

    Also she might plan a page for her website, with drawings she has scanned and photos. Thie site is lovely and easy, and the results can be visited by friends nd family, and she will get praise…the best reward for work. Doing work is what school actually teaches. The rewards for good work ARE the most important ones in my classrooms.

    perhaps, a reward or incentive can be offered. I certainly will offer her one, and I would love to work with her on her typing skills when I visit.

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